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Cannabis Culture factum for Supreme Court of Canada intervention on interprovincial trade hearing

Download the “Cannabis Culture factum for Supreme Court of Canada intervention on interprovincial trade hearing” PDF here. Table of Contents PART I – OVERVIEW AND FACTS, p1 OVERVIEW, p1 Proposed Provincial Cannabis Regulations, p3 Ontario’s proposed Cannabis Act, 2017 and Ontario Cannabis Retail Corporation Act, 2017, p3 Quebec’s proposed Bill 157, Loi constituent la societe...

Tousaw Law Corporation’s submission to the British Columbia Cannabis Legalization and Regulation Secretariat

This is the submission of the Tousaw Law Corporation to the British Columbia Cannabis Legalization and Regulation Secretariat. The submission covers a wide range of topics including retail sales, dignified access and home production.

Cannabis Culture to intervene in interprovincial trade hearing at the Supreme Court of Canada

Tousaw Law Corporation is acting for Cannabis Culture and Jodie Emery who are intervening on behalf of cannabis business owners across Canada who may be deeply impacted by the Supreme Court’s ruling in the case of Gerard Comeau, a New Brunswick retiree who is charged with breaching a Provincial liquor control Act. The case calls...

Kirk Tousaw’s statement on Ontario’s cannabis monopoly scheme

The Ontario government recently released its plans for retail cannabis distribution in the province. In effect, that plan sets up a government monopoly on all retail sales. I believe that Ontario’s plan is misguided and doomed to fail for a variety of reasons. This memorandum attempts to illustrate some of the problems with a monopoly approach in...

A response to Vancouver Island Health Authority (Island Health) regarding cannabis edibles

This is a global response that I sent today setting out my views on Island Health's misguided and anti-health initiative.

Statement on Cannabis Culture raids

Late last night and this morning a variety of police departments executed warrants that appear to have been sought by the Toronto Police Services. Marc and Jodie Emery have been arrested, along with several other cannabis activists including Chris and Erin Goodwin, Britney Guerra and perhaps others. This latest salvo in Canada's senseless war on cannabis...

Dispensary Challenges Federal Medical Cannabis Rules

Download Statement of Claim (PDF) A Toronto-based not-for-profit medical cannabis dispensary has filed a lawsuit in Federal Court challenging Canada’s current medical cannabis access rules. The lawsuit alleges that the federal government is violating the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms by unreasonably restricting patient access to medical cannabis (marijuana). The lawsuit argues that the...

Initial Thoughts on the Final Report on Cannabis Legalization and Regulation

Kirk Tousaw reviews the final report for the legalization and regulation of cannabis in Canada

In Honour of Gayle Quin

Yesterday we lost Gayle Quin, a true heroine and peaceful warrior for cannabis freedom.

Conferences for September and October 2016

Kirk Tousaw will be speaking at the following conferences: Saturday September 17 Lift Expo Vancouver Conference and Expo  October 13 and 14 International Cannabis Business Conference Vancouver

Opinion on Health Canada’s ACMPR Announcement

Today Health Canada announced that the new ACMPR would replace the MMPR on August 24, 2016. This represents the government’s response to the decision of the Federal Court in Allard. The new regulations are, in essence, a blend of the MMAR and MMPR. The Licensed Producers remain the sole commercial option and have become the...

Allard decision: Victory for Medical Cannabis Patients as MMPR Declared Invalid

Today in an historic decision the Federal Court of Canada determined that section 7 of the Charter was violated by the government’s implementation of the MMPR. The MMPR were declared invalid and that declaration suspended for 6 months to allow the government to respond legislatively. More analysis will follow. Congratulations and appreciation to all involved...
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